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New CA-Modern story opens the door to 'crowning touch' hardware for MCM homes
Fridays on the Homefront
Lovely Eichler door with original-looking door hardware. Photo: David Toerge
Fridays on the Homefront
Fridays on the Homefront
Fridays on the Homefront
Three escutcheon kits currently available on the market. Find these and more at our 'Doors to Adore' story.

Smollen tells Biondo that one reason Eichler owners do this, unfortunately, is because "you can find other escutcheon designs, but not like the [ones] Eichlers had" originally.

Fear not, though, MCM preservation buffs. After previously tackling the task of locating a few Eichler house parts for the X-100 Eichler demonstration home over the years, Biondo still had a trick or two up her sleeve. She tracked down three current sources of cool door hardware and now offers a few tips for upscaling Eichler entryways.

"It gives you a sense of style…a crowning touch to all that you've done to your home," she assessed of the task in a recent phone interview. She observed of homes installing entirely new doors, "When you put the new door on, you say, 'Hey, now that is an attractive home.'"

In the story, Biondo counsels, "When searching for vintage hardware, consider visiting Restore/Habitat for Humanity, flea markets, swap meets, and estate sales," while clearing the worldwide cobwebs obstructing efficient Internet shopping.

"Search Etsy, RetroRenovation.com, and auction sites. When hunting online, try using search terms like 'mid-century modern front door escutcheon' and 'vintage mid-century modern door rosette,'" Biondo advises. Despite the challenge of hardware availability, she solemnly promises, "With a little diligence and patience you will find just the right door assembly that adds style, good looks, security, and value to your mid-century modern home."

Oh, and those three useful website sources to complete the task of locating a new replacement door hardware? Well…there's that knock at the door. Go ahead and answer it by checking out 'Doors to Adore,' a sneak preview of the Summer 2019 CA-Modern.

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