Family-First Fairhaven - San Jose - Page 4

Newcomers to the tiny, obscure San Jose Eichler neighborhood aren't just welcomed—they're adopted

"The Eichler is not frilly," he says. "There are no non-essential parts. Eichler didn't like shutters that didn't open, and he didn't hide a beam. The beam is right up there. You can see it. Everything is functional, and something like that appeals to engineers. Simplicity is beautiful, you know. There's some sincerity there."

"I love new technology. I love modern stuff, and Eichler loved modern stuff. It's forward-looking. It's inherently optimistic. It's thinking, 'I'm going to do something and I'm going to change the world for the better.' All scientists are optimistic."

Story originally published in 2009


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