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Well-kept-secret of a home from architect of government buildings and courthouses
Fridays on the Homefront
The three striking interior shots on this page show off, among other things, the home's ample storage space. Above: dining area. Below: kitchen and bathroom.

As opposed to several homes in the area that are recessed in the canyon below street level, this one rises above Courtney Avenue while its spacious, two-car garage is below. Counting that and ample closets inside, Dantzler joked of the storage space, "I wouldn't know what to do with all that!"

About half the galley-style kitchen has been upgraded with stainless steel appliances, but the realtor said for the most part "everybody who's owned this seems to have cared about maintaining and not changing [the house]."

One thing in particular she is glad has not changed is a retractable wall, which hides a den when closed, that Dantzler termed "just like a little secret." At the same time, she admitted of the home, "It definitely needs some maintenance work, just a little attention."

Fridays on the Homefront

That might include new flooring to replace an aging carpet, and restoration of the track for the sliding wall. Still, she assures, "It's completely inhabitable. Everything seems to function that I'm aware of."

Dantzler sees the property's location at the mouth of Nichols Canyon as another asset, noting, "This house, you really are just in the city. You can walk to Starbucks."

With access to transit on westernmost Hollywood Boulevard providing transportation alternatives to driving, she observed, "Prior to COVID, we were finding people really drawn to that lifestyle."

Fridays on the Homefront

Dantzler has confidence in finding a buyer for $1.8 million or thereabouts soon, stating, "To me, that seems like a very fair price for this house."

"We've had a lot of showings," said the realtor, adding, "It's definitely getting a lot of attention."

Overdue attention, some might say, given the forgotten career of Thomas Lindsey.

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