Glass House on a Cliff

For sale: Mickey Muennig 'mystical design' with 30 acres of nature, Big Sur ocean view
Fridays on the Homefront
Architect Mickey Muennig left his mark in the Big Sur area with his one-of-a-kind organic wonders of weathered wood, stone, glass, and steel. The Partington Ridge property (above), now for sale, is one of them. All photos by Richard Olsen

Imagine residing on a property so idyllic that it is described in its recent real estate listing as "thirty acres with three inspired residences located at the edge of the continent."

Well, that description has everything to do with the creative, forward-thinking mind of architect Mickey Muennig (1935-2021), well known for his one-of-a-kind organic wonders of weathered wood, stone, glass, and steel.

"Mickey looked at this property when he first came to Big Sur in the early 1970s," recalls listing agent Jeannie Ford of Sierra Sotheby's International while surveying the Big Sur property at 50854 Partington Ridge, which now contains three unique structures, each designed by Muennig.

  Fridays on the Homefront
Inside Muennig's Glass House: a piece of art that elicits an emotional response.

"He wanted something dramatic and stunning with a live edge that falls off so that you could see the ocean right there...and he found it here."

The entire remarkable parcel, which includes three residential structures and much more, is priced at $5,750,000.

Ford describes the drive up into the gated community as unassuming at first. "But as you wind up the road, the paved portion ends, and the gravel road takes a turn into redwoods and oaks, then through a sunlit forest. All of a sudden you come out of the woods, and see this breathtaking property that you're not expecting—it's really a piece of art!"

At nearly 30 acres, the cliffside enclave includes three separate dwellings: the Glass House, an intimate home where the architect lived as he built two additional structures; the Main House; and Caretaker's House.

Architect Mickey Muennig: designs that border on mystical.

"There's a saying that there's a Zen to a place, a house, a property," Ford says. "If all the little details are done conscientiously, you may not be able to call them out, but the overall effect creates a piece of art that elicits an emotional response when you're there. This property is like that."

The first dwelling Muennig built on the property is the Glass House. For this intimate space that measures less than 350 square feet, he designed a circular glass 'celestial roof' that embraces the sky.

Ford says that in the case of Muennig's work, "Even when it's small, it's big." Beautifully connecting to the outdoors, the Glass House is not just cozy but lyrical. The architect ended up living here for many years while building the Main House.

  Fridays on the Homefront
Looking out from the Glass House.

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