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This 1959 modern charmer has acreage, 360-degree views and remarkable history
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If you love Philippine mahogany, this Gold Country getaway features it in every room and hallway.

San Andreas is on Highway 49, alternatively called the Gold Country Highway or Golden Chain Highway. The vicinity has some of California's most impressive natural and historic resources, from breathtaking caves to some of the world's tallest trees.

Besides Calaveras Big Trees and California Cavern state parks, a few miles down the highway is the historical touring highlight of Gold Country, Columbia State Historic Park. New Hogan Lake and New Melones Lake provide nearby boating waters, and numerous rivers in the area are additional fishing locations.

"They built and designed a lot of houses up here," said Williams, describing his research into the Jameses and this neighborhood, which he said was subdivided by a man name Earl Judd. Speaking of Judd and the Jameses, he said of his home site, "They took a lot of time planning what he wanted there."

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"The land around us drops off 360 degrees around," he explained of the hilltop siting. "There's a lot of view. That's what I love about it…It's got such a panoramic view."

There are numerous things to love about this place, starting with five fairly quiet acres, and highlighted by a two-sided stone fireplace and an in-ground, indoor swimming pool, heated with passive solar. Williams and Bur list the extensive maintenance and restoration projects in recent years—replastering the pool in '07, heating and air conditioning replaced in 2015, septic system in 2019—but the owner said all systems are working well now.

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"I think the price is reflective of the market," he said, noting that original engineering drawings by the Jameses come with the house.

"In this market, I'm not expecting it to be on the market very long," Bur predicted before showing the property to numerous home shoppers by mid-May.

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