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Tracing the revealing story behind Joe and Lillian’s 50 years living in 14 different places around the Bay
At Home with the Eichlers
At Home with the Eichlers

3. San Francisco: Back to the Marina (1931-'36)

The Pacific Heights apartment must not have pleased, or the Eichlers may have wanted to buy their first home. In 1931 the Eichlers moved to 2337 Bay Street, a typical Marina district single-family, stucco-fronted row house, two levels of living above a garage. The home, which still stands, has arches over glassed doors that open to recessed balconies on both floors.

Ned was born here in 1931.

It's notable that, like the Eichlers' next home, in San Mateo, both living room and bedrooms of 2337 Bay face the street, not through windows but through French doors. It suggests that Joe may have sought out this openness to the out of doors long before he grew fond of modern architecture.



4. San Mateo: Amherst Colonial (circa 1936-'44)

The Eichlers lived at 220 Amherst Avenue from 1936 or 1937 to 1944, housing as well two servants, a married couple. Their eight-year tenure on Amherst was the longest the Eichlers ever stayed in a home, except their first 'Eichler,' in Atherton, where they remained for 12 or 13 years.