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Drawing earthy inspiration and seamless indoor-outdoor flow from Eichler's original paint palette
House of Many Colors
Another popular choice as an Eichler exterior paint color is brown. Numerous variations of brown appear in the known colors of the original Eichler Homes' paint palette (displayed on page 6 here). In addition, note the four attractive exterior presentations of brown in the photos above and below.

Trends come and go, and what's 'in' today may be 'out' tomorrow. Basing your color scheme on proven combinations can bring out the best in your home's architecture. A consultation with a paint specialist can be a worthwhile investment, whether you are envisioning a new and different house color, looking to refinance and make home improvement funds available, or getting your home ready to put on the market.

Professionals generally recommend a paint approach that uses three to four levels of color for an Eichler exterior: for the body of the house; the beams; the eaves; and on accent areas, including central beams over the carport or garage. For the front door, a mid-century-inspired accent tone can add a desirable 'pop of color,' assuming it's a color that's compatible with the body color.

Consulting with a professional who is experienced with painting Eichlers gives us the opportunity to review reference photographs and actual color samples, and get an idea of what is going to work best on your specific Eichler model. It will be helpful in the process if homeowners start with a general sense of what they like or want.

House of Many Colors

"A homeowner might need guidance, and that's what we're here for," says N Style's Nick Pierce. "We decipher what kind of exterior paint schemes work best."

In order to avoid the most common mistakes homeowners make in choosing paint colors, Pierce advises taking the time to physically apply samples to the home's exterior in large enough sections "to allow you to envision what that color looks like as the sun sets and rises," he says.

His company's color consultation typically entails applying up to four different colors to different areas of the house, but avoiding the use of glossy finishes.

House of Many Colors

"We apply paint right up against the trim, rafters, and eaves so that the homeowner can see the actual contrast," says Pierce. "That's pretty imperative, and helps eliminate choosing the wrong color. That's how you get it right, by experimenting."

Pierce, a strong advocate of Eichlers standing out and not blending in, also recommends taking into account the look and feel of adjacent homes on the street.

"That's your immediate neighbors—two to the left, two to the right," he says. "If neighboring homes are too monochromatic, it's something we're going to avoid [with your home]."

House of Many Colors

Palladino advises keeping it simple when it comes to selecting a body color for your Eichler, and using a satin sheen rather than a flat or glossy paint. "I like deep, rich, dark tones with bold contrast," he says. "Personally I think that looks really sharp on Eichlers."

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