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Drawing earthy inspiration and seamless indoor-outdoor flow from Eichler's original paint palette

Original Eichler Exterior
Paint Body Colors

Pictured here are close matches for 21 of the original exterior body colors specified by Eichler Homes that inspired and were part of the palette for the 1950s-era Cabot Stains' Ranch House Hues catalogue. Cabot originals (RH) are translated into currently available Benjamin Moore (BM) colors. For more exact matches, please refer to the in-store catalogues. ^ code indicates may currently be available from Cabot under Ranch House Hues paint name.

House of Many Colors

1. RH-35: Oak Brown ^
BM-HC-71: Hasbrouck Brown

2. RH-53: Adobe
BM-2137-30: Durango

3. RH-80: California Redwood
BM-1225: Abbey Brown

4. RH-42: El Capitan Gray
BM-HC-168: Chelsea Gray

5. RH-45: Coast Guard Gray
BM-1630: Ocean Floor

6. RH-33: Red Cedar ^
BM-1125: Acorn

7. RH-36: Alcazar Brown
BM-1029: Coconut Grove

8. RH-48: Aspen Green
BM-510: Springfield Sage

9. RH-37: Cordovan Brown ^
BM-2130-10: Black Bean Soup

10. RH-85: Pipestone Red
BM-HC-183 and BM-PM-16: Country Redwood

11. RH-94: Beige ^
BM-2161-40: Acorn Yellow

12. RH-70: Charcoal
BM-1631: Midnight Oil

13. RH-17: Spruce Blue ^
BM-HC-161: Templeton Gray

14. RH-30: Tansu
BM-1049: Toasted Marshmallow

15.RH-97: Sandstone ^
BM-1022: Maple Shadows

16. RH-38: Bark ^
BM-2114-10: Bittersweet Chocolate

17. RH-41: Pewter Gray ^
BM-1476: Squirrel Tail

18. RH-47: Dark Gray ^
BM-1470: Bear Creek

19. RH-92: Desert Sand ^
BM-1047: Deer Path

20. RH-95: Taupe ^
BM-1057: Maple Valley

21. RH-44: Driftwood Gray ^
BM-1559: Arctic Shadows 



Original Eichler Exterior
Paint Accent Colors

Pictured here are close matches for nine of the original exterior accent colors specified by Eichler Homes that reportedly were furnished by Dunn-Edwards and now discontinued. Dunn-Edwards (DE) originals are translated into current Benjamin Moore (BM) colors.

House of Many Colors

1. DE: Black Forest
BM-2125-20: Deep Space

2. DE: Eucalyptus
BM-461: Rosepine

3. DE: Storm
BM-2050-10: Salamander

4. DE: Turquoise
BM-658: Neptune Green

5. DE: Paprika
BM-2007-30: Rhubarb

6. DE: Pumpkin
BM-2168-20: Pumpkin Cream

7. DE: Black Bark
BM-2125-10: Black Panther

8. DE: Seal Brown
BM-2134-10: Night Horizon

9. DE: Sunflower
BM-384: Turning Leaf

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