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Traveling exhibition about trailblazing team makes West Coast debut Oct. 13 in Oakland
Fridays on the Homefront
Charles and Ray pose with their chair bases.
Fridays on the Homefront
An Eames plywood sculpture.

The Eameses operated a studio and production facility on Washington Boulevard in Venice for four decades until Charles died in 1978, followed ten years later (to the day) by Ray. Theirs was a remarkable partnership in the mid-century, for as Charles once modestly observed, "Anything I can do, Ray can do better."

They lived for a time in Case Study House No. 8 in Pacific Palisades, which they designed for the program organized by Arts and Architecture magazine. They also designed House No. 9 in the program for its editor, John Entenza.

In addition to designing more than a dozen popular production chairs and several other homes, the couple also produced 125 short films, including 'Glimpses of the USA' (1959). Wright said that film has recently been restored, adding of the upcoming engagement in Oakland, "This will be the first time it has been shown in an exhibition setting."

All told, the exhibition features more than 380 Eames works divided into four sections: the couple's story; the experimental ideas behind their designs; their multimedia projects and ongoing work; and  instructional tools, which includes one of their most popular films, 'Powers of Ten' (1968, rereleased in 1977).

"Ray and Charles Eames have changed the world of design, creating beautiful work that is both stylish and functional in our everyday lives," Carin Adams, OCMA exhibition curator, said in her press release. "As a museum whose mission is 'to inspire all Californians to create a more vibrant future for themselves and their communities,' there's no better example than this dynamic duo, who represent the quintessential California story."

For more information on 'The World of Charles and Ray Eames' and its October 13 opening, click here.