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One dozen choice cabinet lines that deliver smart, beautiful and efficient solutions for mid-century modern kitchens today
Kitchen Cabinetry


Alno, a kitchen manufacturer that offers modern European cabinetry, a full-design studio services, and accessories, has created a reputation for high design while using some unique surface materials.

In addition to wood veneers, glass, and melamine, lacquer is one of its specialties. Doors are sanded and re-sanded, then painted and polished to create a smooth shine in a rainbow of colors.

Alno is also one of the only companies to offer ceramic door fronts. Like ceramic tile you might use on a floor or in a shower, the ceramic doors are seamless, durable, and highly resistant to heat, fading, scratching, and abrasion.

Recently, the company launched the new ALNOINOX line (pictured here) made of brushed stainless steel fronts and a powder coated finish that is scratch and acid resistant. Alno used this century-old material to create an industrial look that is rust proof, easy to clean, and able to withstand temperature fluctuations. The line comes in titanium, silver, gold, metal anthracite, metallic beige, and metallic brown.


Kitchen Cabinetry

Aran Cucine

Aran's European designs are a favorite among celebrity designers, such as Martin Lawrence Bullard, who specified them for Tommy Bahama's recent home renovation, and Christopher Kennedy, who used them in the 2014 'Modernism Week Show House' in Palm Springs.

Although the company built a reputation for sleek Italian design with a lot of options, Aran Cucine recognizes that liquids are one of the major causes of damage in a kitchen. Inexpensive cabinets made of medium-density fibreboard (MDF) are vulnerable to all types of liquids, rendering them impossible to repair. That's why Aran constructs its cabinets with engineered waterproof wood that will not expand if penetrated with liquid.

The same principle applies to the cabinetry that houses the fridge, sink, and cooktop; by manufacturing these with a PVC or aluminum cabinet base combined with an aluminum front, the potential for damage is reduced.

Aran's adjustable shelf supports are screwed in, and a variety of hinges, manufactured by Blum, enable you to lift, slide, and open kitchen doors with unhindered access to cabinets.