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One dozen choice cabinet lines that deliver smart, beautiful and efficient solutions for mid-century modern kitchens today
Kitchen Cabinetry


Effeti provides luxury Italian cabinets designed by well-known Italian designers—Monica Armani, Giancarlo Vegni, and Gabriele and Oscar Buratti. The cabinets are available in solid wood, hand-sprayed and polished lacquers, wood veneers, glass, and laminates. All the pieces are made in Florence.

Effeti's BK2 collection (pictured here) is characterized by its minimal, almost stern, sophisticated design. Some creative components increase its versatility for a variety of spaces.

A wood-legged piece, which is available in two heights, can be used as a peninsula, kitchen island, or table. A contemporary interpretation of a wooden china cabinet comes in two sizes. It can be mounted to a wall or act as a room divider when used with a glass or mirror back.

Lastly, a cabinet with glass shelves can be opened completely when cooking and can be fitted with a retractable hood or dish drainer.


Kitchen Cabinetry


Poggenpol is one of those luxury kitchen brands that many dream of but few can acquire. To help out the rest of us with a more modest budgets, the company launched Goldreif, a mid- to upper-market cabinetry brand that is more accessible to the masses.

Goldreif cabinetry is available in three styles (Pure, Profile, and Classic), and the fronts come in a variety of styles. Classic fits the traditional aesthetic, while Pure (pictured here) and Profile have clean, sleek lines and a more contemporary look suitable for MCM homes.

The cabinets are available in 44 colors, and as s a creative bonus, homeowners can also select a color for the interiors of the cabinets, unlike the standard white Poggenpohl interior.

The edging on laminate, melamine, and acrylic door fronts are laser applied, and wood and veneer fronts can be positioned to run the grain horizontally or vertically.

Custom cabinets, especially high-quality ones, typically have long lead times, but Goldreif promises delivery in 4-6 weeks.