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One dozen choice cabinet lines that deliver smart, beautiful and efficient solutions for mid-century modern kitchens today
Kitchen Cabinetry

Kerf Design

Seattle-based Kerf Design has built a portfolio of modern kitchens using just two simple materials: plywood and plastic laminate.

The team designs projects in a straightforward manner, first thinking through the necessary function of the item, how it will be constructed, and then presenting the finished product in the simplest manner possible.

Because the designers use so much restraint by not adding flourishes and unnecessary decorative elements, they see each joint as a decoration and make them visible. The cabinets generally have an asymmetrical look because the staggered joints make them stronger.

Kerf does most of its cutting and joinery work using a CNC router. This means a lot of the 'cabinet making' work happens in the office, on a computer. Drawings of each part are created and sent to the router to be cut. The pieces are then cleaned up and dry-fit in the shop by a cabinetmaker. Next they glue up the cases, finish the edges, and install the drawers and doors.

Although locals have the benefit of picking up their finished kitchens, long-distance jobs are crated or packed in a truck and shipped to the site.


Kitchen Cabinetry


Leicht, which means 'easy' in German, has built custom kitchen cabinetry for more than 80 years.

Known for its contemporary style and precision engineering, Leicht offers nine product lines, ranging from luxury to affordable. Choose from exotic wood veneers, lacquer finishes, glass and textured door fronts, as well as glossy and matte finishes in more than 5,000 different colors.

One of the company's most recent introductions is a concrete finish inspired by Bauhaus tradition. Cabinetmakers apply a concrete coating by hand using a putty technique, and then seal it for a long-lasting finish.

A lot of attention is paid to interior drawer and cabinet fittings that organize cookware and utensils; the goal here is to maximize every inch of space.

A high-tech LED lighting system illuminates glass units, under cabinets, and floating shelves. The color on those LEDs can be adjusted to fit the mood of the space.

Leicht works with architects, designers, and contractors, but they also offer full design-build services for homeowners who aren't already partnered with a design professional.