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One dozen choice cabinet lines that deliver smart, beautiful and efficient solutions for mid-century modern kitchens today
Kitchen Cabinetry


Pedini has been one of Italy's top kitchen manufacturers for more than 30 years, building its reputation on innovative designs and proprietary cutting-edge technology.

They made their mark by introducing concave and convex radius doors that are available in natural wood as well as high-gloss, matte and textured lacquer.

Standard features of Pedini kitchens include green construction that does not absorb humidity, a solid top cover on every cabinet (except the sink base and cooktop cabinet), and a rubber dust-seal on every door and drawer opening.

Pedini's Magika kitchen design (pictured here) has the seamless look that works well in MCM homes. Finishes include textured melamine with matching edges (grey oak, dark brown pine, teak, white, red, cream, and dark grey) and a glossy white lacquer. Aluminum profiles and plinths are available in white, gray, black, and matte silver.

Magika cabinet doors are available with handles and without, and an extensive selection of organizational elements and accessories maximize the efficiency of the kitchens.


Kitchen Cabinetry


Scavolni's Tetrix modular kitchen (pictured here) was inspired by the classic video game Tetris. Industrial designer Michael Young created the modular kitchen components so that homeowners could have greater freedom to configure installations in creative ways.

"For this project, we started from the desire to create an aesthetic with no horizons, playing with the elements on horizontal axes and discovering all the compositional possibilities," Young explains.

You can create traditional pantries and dish storage by stacking base and wall units, or separate the units to create different preparation zones.

Like most modern kitchen designs, the Tetrix cabinets do not have traditional pulls, opting instead for smooth, uninterrupted door and drawer fronts.

Choose from 25 glossy and 25 smooth colors; combining the two-into-one design plays into today's interior design trend of mixing shiny and matte surfaces.

As an added bonus, the Tetrix collection offers additional components made specifically for televisions and audio equipment, so that living rooms and kitchens can flow visually.


Photography: courtesy participating manufacturers, Doyle Terry (Crystal Cabinets)