MCM-friendly Houseplants - Page 4

Ten ideal indoor plant selections—living art for mid-century moderns

Plants for medium-to-low lighting

Our second group of five recommendations features low-light plants that can brighten up a dim corner, or add a touch of color.



6 Japanese Aralia
(Fatsia japonica)
Known also as the glossy-leaf paper plant, this broad-leafed evergreen thrives in subtropical conditions. Growing to six feet indoors, the hardy japonica produces unusual sparse, white flowers. Grows best in partial or full shade. Not for dry or cold areas. Native to the southern Japanese islands, Korea, and Taiwan.


7 Arrowhead Philodendron
(Syngonium podophyllum)
Also called the Nephthytis plant, it can be grown on its own or as part of a mixed planting. A vining specimen that does well in a hanging basket, or trained on a trellis or pole. Easy care; allow it to dry out between waterings. Native to Central and South America and Mexico.


8 Parlor Palm
(Chamaedora elegans)
One of the most popular and easily grown indoor palms, the Parlor Palm, with its delicate, arching fronds, is a favorite choice of interior designers. This indoor palm adapts well, loves humidity, and can tolerate low light and colder conditions. Native to the rainforests of Southern Mexico and Guatemala.

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