Meet the Mackays - Page 6

With houses designed by Anshen and Allen, Eichler rival Mackay Homes and its MCM neighborhoods are winning new fans today

Tracking the Mackays

• Maywood: Santa Clara tract built circa 1954-'55, just north of Stevens Creek Boulevard, on Woodhams Road and nearby streets, including Cameron Way, Mauricia way, Atherton Drive, and others.

• Fairmede: With about 100 modern homes circa 1957, just a few blocks from Maywood, in Santa Clara, has a fair number of homes that appear intact.

• Sunshine Meadows: About a half mile north of Maywood, in Santa Clara, has homes of a different design and earlier vintage, circa 1953. Many have been altered beyond recognition. But attractive original examples can be spotted on the 600 and 700 blocks of Hamilton Avenue and the 700 block of Woodhams. Homes here won a 'National Merit Award' from the American Institute of Architects in 1954.

• Sunshine Glen: A small neighborhood of Mackay homes, circa 1954, sits alongside some early Eichlers near Oregon Expressway in Palo Alto. Mackay courtyard homes can be seen on the 900 blocks of Moreno Way and Colonial Lane. Also an AIA 'Merit Award' winner.

• Ross Park: Here's a Mackay neighborhood circa 1956 that requires care to spot, so extensive have been changes to the landscape. It's near Mitchell Park in south Palo Alto. You'll see Mackays on Cowper Street and Ashton Avenue, along with some Eichlers.

• Monta Loma: This Mountain View neighborhood (circa 1954-'56), originally called 'Oakwood,' is large, and in large part the homes appear intact. There is a greater variety of models than in Maywood. Mackays, clustered around Monta Loma Park south of Middlefield Road, can be enjoyed on many streets, including Thompson Avenue, Fay Way, Jewell Place, Heather Court, Craig Court, and Diablo Avenue (where young Steve Jobs once lived in a Mackay).

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