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Modest Taylor House feasts on mountain preserve as its sheltered canyon viewshed
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"He went through an extensive job of restoration about ten years ago," said the realtor, stating that the work focused on replacing plumbing and roofing. He said some of the cork flooring laid in place of the original shag carpeting could use freshening. Likewise, the kitchen has a vintage stove and original mahogany cabinets that could be upgraded.

While the house has no historic certification, Doe said, "It certainly would be a likely candidate, and a good candidate for the Mills Act if people were interested."

"The sculptural elements of each elevation of the house are really what makes it special," said the realtor, speaking in the middle of his office move to Sunset Plaza in West Hollywood.

  Fridays on the Homefront

"You can't find a Neutra of this quality for the price," he promised, chalking up what he termed "a bargain" to its location slightly removed from Hollywood. "This actually is cheap compared to what the others would be."

"It's as much art as any Picasso that you can live in," added Doe.

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  Fridays on the Homefront