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Neutra Institute to host exhibition in wake of passing of MCM champion Dion Neutra
Fridays on the Homefront
EXHIBIT PHOTO #3: Beckman Auditorium, Cal Tech, Pasadena, architect Edward Durell Stone. Photo: Deb Smith
Fridays on the Homefront
EXHIBIT PHOTO #4: MIT Chapel, Cambridge, Massachusetts, architect Eero Saarinen. Photo: Deb Smith
Fridays on the Homefront
EXHIBIT PHOTO #5: Tower of Hope at Christ Cathedral campus, Gardena, architect Richard Neutra. Photo: Adriene Biondo

In fact, however, it is not the only upcoming event in L.A. celebrating the Neutra family's work. One of the father's first great designs upon coming to California in the 1920s from his native Austria was a home for natural health pioneer Dr. Philip Lovell and his educator wife, Leah, in the Los Feliz District. On the evenings of December 14 and 15, purchasers of $75 tickets will tour the Lovell Health House (1929) and attend a 90th anniversary presentation and reception celebrating its modern design.

To the regret of many, of course, Dion Neutra will not be part of either celebration of the design style he practiced and championed so long. Smith will miss his opinions on other topics as well.

"Dion was very interested in the preservation of Silver Lake Reservoir," recalls Smith. "He and I had many spirited debates on how to restore [it]…The big debate is how much access there should be."

As for 'A Nod to Mod,' Smith says the showing was originally slated to only run a couple of weeks, but now is expected to carry on longer.

Even though Smith and the Institute will not be able to share the January exhibit with Dion, "it is still very special to have this tribute for his family and the larger community to enjoy and reflect upon," she says.

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