New CA-Modern Has Arrived

Summer '22 issue is a joyride along Eichler streets with art, culture and Wienermobiles
  Fridays on the Homefront
The new Summer '22 issue of CA-Modern magazine (above) is now en route to our Eichler and Streng homeowners. The cover image spotlights our 'Styled with a Smile' story profiling artist Lisa Congdon. Photo courtesy Lisa Congdon

Here at the Eichler Network, we've been busy wrapping up the latest issue of CA-Modern magazine—and looking forward to sharing it with you.

Well…the new Summer '22 issue finally has arrived!

The issue's focus is truly summer—with deep dives into the cool of mini-split air conditioning, the joy of the hot dog as summertime treat, and the passionate output of an artist whose work embraces birds of summer, flowers in bloom, and her mid-century connection.

But first, the Summer issue takes us on a drive to the South Bay with 'Grand Stand in Googletown,' features editor Dave Weinstein's wonderful home tour of Mountain View's Grandmeadow, a neighborhood of 53 Eichlers located three miles south of Google's headquarters, better known as 'Googleplex.'

Fridays on the Homefront
'Grand Stand in Googletown': tours Mountain View's Grandmeadow Eichlers. Photo: Rory Earnshaw

Of the 1972 Eichler tract, architect and Grandmeadow homeowner Joyce Yin comments, "It is by far the friendliest neighborhood I have lived in," and adds, "as trite as it sounds, aside from the many features of an Eichler house that I can't imagine living without, it is the people we live side by side with that makes this house our home."

Friendliness runs deep in Grandmeadow. Stephen Carney, who moved there in 1998, says that some of the early block parties "turned into a little train. We would go from house to house to house."

Longtime neighbor Frank Tipiano also agrees, commenting that, at neighborhood get-togethers, "there are hors d'ouevres, cocktails, and chit-chat. It's really fun." Are we invited?

Fridays on the Homefront
'Hot Dog Express': when Oscar Mayer's awe-inspiring Wienermobile took mid-century America on the ride of their lives. Photo courtesy Oscar Mayer / Kraft Heinz Company

Next, buckle up for a fun ride on the 'Hot Dog Express,' courtesy of guest writer Carol Sveilich. Rediscover a time "when Oscar Mayer's awe-inspiring Wienermobile took mid-century America on the ride of their lives."

After all, as Carol's story tells, "What was more American than an Oscar Mayer wiener?" Sveilich tells of an exciting day, years ago, when the real-deal Wienermobile was spotted in a parking lot in a local strip mall: "There it was in all its four-wheel glory—the Wienermobile, right before our eyes, parked between the local Safeway and Rexall drug store."

Yolanda Zesati, who grew up in a San Jose Eichler, recalls "when I was young, I would fantasize about winning a free ride inside of that monstrosity shaped like a hot dog. I assumed it had steaming hot food inside being served to kids and adults. A 24/7 hot dog express!"

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