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Owners who sing the praises of original cooktops and ovens to the tune of ‘I Can’t Stop Loving You’
Old Burners Never Die
Magazine shot of a vintage General Electric Americana stove (left), very similar to the one found in the San Jose Eichler of Jessica and Mark Winkler (right with daughter Vera). "It’s been a unique conversation starter," Jessica says.

The fourth burner is even more special. It's sunk a foot deep into the stove, which means you can place a pot in it with the pot lid sitting at the level of the stovetop. Plus, the oven has a spinning rotisserie. "You can spin a whole chicken," he says.

But you couldn't cook a chicken when the oven refused to heat.

Using the stove's manual, which came with the house, Lauren says, "we could figure out that the heating elements were the problem." She found a gentleman on eBay who calls his business Vintage Stove Parts.

"I took a picture of the element and sent it to him," she says. "He got me the right element."

 "When we put in the heating elements, we really were holding our breath to see if it would hold the temperature," Rob says. "It was perfect. It holds to within a degree."

"The thing works as good as the day it was purchased," Rob says.

"It's just such a simple machine, not complicated at all. It's so easy to work on," he says. "It's like an old car, and it'll last forever."


Photography: Ernie Braun, Sabrina Huang, Dave Weinstein, James Fanucchi; and courtesy Rob Sorokolit, Nelson Au

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