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North Berkeley listing boasts mid-century modern design plus a host of possibilities
Fridays on the Homefront
Gorgeous wood walls and wood-framed glass in each house open up to gardens and verdant surroundings.

"The guesthouse feels bigger," opined McRae, adding, "Both houses maximize privacy while still giving an open access to the land."

McRae said the current owner doesn't really want to sell but has to move for work.

"He's maintained it really well," she said, stating that very little has been done to the home other than updating the appliances. "He really wanted to keep it as it was originally designed."

Fridays on the Homefront

Part of the attraction of the listing is the amount of developable open space if the buyer is not as committed to authentic preservation, with plenty of space for adding bedrooms or even a swimming pool.

"Wildcat Canyon is a very comfortable place to be," McRae commented, admiring the siting of a "beautifully landscaped" property in such a serene setting. "In general, it's actually been developed as low-maintenance."

The realtor isn't planning any open houses for the listing, but is considering adding a 'walk-through video' to the website created for it.

Fridays on the Homefront

She also noted that the City of Berkeley landmark commission might look favorably on the property should the next owner want it recognized.

"It isn't landmarked, but I do think it could be…It's really rare," she declared, expressing expectation of "a very strong market" for the well-preserved listing. "It's in great shape. It's definitely 'move in and don't worry about anything.'"