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Sprucing up the great outdoors: furniture designs and tips to awaken your patio and garden

The only tools needed for this facelift project were a circular saw, a staple gun, scissors, and a screwdriver. The total cost of the restoration was slightly more than $300, including our original $25 investment. Not a bad price for a great-looking vintage modern set—and one that will likely provide another 50 years of service and enjoyment.

Garden of Delights: Seven Easy Pieces

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If you're looking to get started furnishing your garden or patio with a few choice modern selections, consider elements from this collection. These seven pieces of stylish outdoor furniture and accessories will complement your modern garden style and match virtually any budget.

1. Karlsund Lounger. This affordable wicker and steel lounge chair is available from your local IKEA store. The natural wicker seat will weather over time, so keep this one under cover.

2. Case Study Lounge. Available as a chair and ottoman combination or as a single piece, this curvaceous lounge chair recalls the classic mid-century designs of Van Keppel & Green. Available from Modernica in Los Angeles:

3. Dream Girls Lounge Chairs. A new interpretation of a classic mid-century design, these adjustable steel-mesh lounge chairs were recreated for the upcoming movie Dream Girls. They are made to order and are available in a range of colors. From 111 Antique Mall, Palm Springs and Cathedral City: 760-320-2411.

4. Butterfly Chairs. The epitome of casual seating, the original 'butterfly' chairs were designed for Knoll. However, this simple design proved hard to copyright or control, and it was made by the truckload by dozens of different manufacturers. When recovering vintage frames, measure them carefully when ordering new covers because frames can vary widely in size. New frames and covers in all imaginable colors and materials are available on line. From Cyberlloyds.

5. Diamond Chairs. Another signature piece from Knoll, the Diamond Chair, designed by sculptor Harry Bertoia, is still in production. Available as a lounge chair, dining chair, bar stool, and asymmetrical chaise. Made of welded steel rods, these pieces are extremely durable. Upholstered pads improve the comfort of this classic design and add a splash of color. From Knoll, Inc.

6. Bullet Planters. These colorful fiberglass planters on iron tripod stands are iconic pieces of mid-century design. Used singularly or in groups, they can add eye-catching punctuation to a pool deck, patio, or even the living room. Vintage bullet planters in good condition can still be found, and there are a number of manufacturers who are producing planters in a range of colors and sizes. From Hip Haven.

7. Architectural Pottery. These bold planters achieved celebrity status in the famous Case Study House program. Handsome sculptural forms, quality craftsmanship, and fine materials combine to make these into heirloom pieces that will be passed on to your modernist children (or maybe grandchildren). From Vessel USA Architectural Pottery.