Pandora's Box Of '60s Architecture - Page 4

Preservationists reflect on ten months of 'The Sixties Turn 50' while promoting greater Los Angeles' architecture of the era

Thanks to strong political leadership, broad public support, and an open-minded developer, the Conservancy and the National Trust were able to work with the project team to find a meaningful preservation solution that uses the hotel building as the centerpiece of the development. NCA recently released the design concept for the project, which will go through the full public review process over the coming months.

Photos: Dean Cheng (La Laguna de San Gabriel and Union 76 gas station), Ken Shelton (Foley Center), L.A. Conservancy staff ('the Onion' church), Larry Underhill (Columbia Savings Building), Konstantin von Wedelstaedt on Flickr (LAX Theme Building), Century Plaza (Andrew Hara).