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Restrictions on 2020 holiday get-togethers compel families and friends to get creative
Fridays on the Homefront
For the upcoming holidays, shall we Zoom it from afar?

"I've got a couple of clients who live alone…They're eager for that connection, but they're scared to death," Johnston said empathetically about the psycho-emotional tolls of facing holidays in a pandemic.

Many who are sufficiently tech savvy will choose to celebrate mostly or entirely on Internet platforms like Skype, Zoom, and Facebook Facetime. Johnston has been doing that and notes that the video feature is very adaptable to traditions like lighting candles.

"You can certainly do Hanukkah over Zoom," she suggests, promising, "You're still 'getting together.'"

Johnston predicted that instead of skipping traditions, people might choose to be even closer to them in their holiday celebrations this year. While some years may seem like time to get more adventuresome with menus and rituals, she said laughing about 2020, "I think more people are going to do the turkey."

  Fridays on the Homefront

Owner of EvoLibri Consulting, Johnston talked about how the COVID pandemic may even change holidays for the better, just as it has for many people's workday because of telecommuting.

"I think it will change our perspective about how important it is to see people. It's not drudgery!" she said of the common dread for annual social gatherings. "I think we're going to be much more appreciative of face-time with people."

Regardless, however, of whether the pandemic drives you into holiday seclusion, masking outdoors, or online connecting, one should be assured of mankind and our cultures surviving, Johnston said.

"For [heaven's] sake, what did they do in World War II?" she said of human resilience to adversity, pointing out, "We didn't get to 15,000 years on this planet by being rigid."

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