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Special architectural home by Will Bruder—his best work in an unforgettable setting
Fridays on the Homefront
Bruder's Rinconada Drive design is an unforgettable architectural home built in a pristine setting.

The home's designer, Will Bruder, FAIA, is a Phoenix-based architect. After reviewing several of his house designs, we have to agree that "Bruder has… forged them into a body of work as varied as it is prolific, as rooted in its place and time as it is universal," as described in a 2011 feature honoring Bruder in Architect magazine, which concluded, "Not bad, for a guy who never attended architecture school."

As a young man, Bruder was accepted into the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1965, applying to IIT since his home state of Wisconsin did not have a school of architecture in the mid-1960s. Bruder, who was already apprenticed to modernist architect William Wenzler at the time, decided to stay on, since the project Wenzler was working on was the famed Nickoll residence.

In 1967, Bruder traveled to Arizona to spend part of his summer break at architect-visionary Paolo Soleri's studio, a life-changing experience that would leave Bruder forever changed.

Fridays on the Homefront

Equally at home with civic, commercial, and residential projects, Bruder's distinguished portfolio includes the Burton-Barr Phoenix Central Library, often cited as a marvel of environmentally sustainable design; the curvilinear Nellis/Cox Residence, a Yin-and-Yang melding of broken-block masonry panels met by the elegance of sliding Shoji screens; and his own personal residence, which pre-dates architect Frank Gehry's use of corrugated metal.

The home on Rinconada, at approximately 3,000 square feet, brings together the award-winning artistry of this creative architect, and showcases his handling of natural and practical elements.

Fridays on the Homefront

A trio of bedrooms features a luxury master bedroom suite with a fireplace and balcony, a chef's kitchen, wine cellar, three-car garage, an enclosed dog run with turf, and a Tesla 220 charger.

Just a short drive to Carmel Valley Village, this is an unforgettable architectural home built in a pristine setting. To virtually experience this modern Carmel masterpiece, click here for a 3D walkthrough.

Fridays on the Homefront

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