Pet Therapy: Modern Pet Accessories

Modern accessories to keep those furry and feathered sidekicks (and you!) happy



pet in bed in modern living room

Our pets are more than man's best friends—they're family. They greet us at the door, snuggle up when we're relaxing, and offer more laughs than a night at the Comedy Store. Nothing beats a dog's wagging tail or a cat's purr—so show them your affection by bringing home these extraordinarily modern pet accessories.

cat in bed

Sleeping beauties

Kittysville modern pet bed. Forget the fluffy, round pet beds you can pick up at the discount stores. These retro modern cat beds will instantly elevate your home's style. Jayne Leigh Blume, an artist from Lubbock, Texas, designs and makes these with fresh vintage fabrics and sells them online at The beds are completely customizable with wood or acrylic bases. Blume, who is a graduate from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, says she spends a sizeable chunk of her sales on cat food and vet care for the dozens of cats that find their way to her front door. $79 (for wood-base beds) and $91 (for acrylic-base beds).

 dog in dog house 

Dog house just like home

Modern dogport. Just 'cuz Rufus is relegated to the backyard on occasion doesn't mean he can't relax in style. Sculptor A.J. Fisher designed this doghouse in a style reminiscent of Cliff May or Eichler homes. Describing his style as 'erganic' (a blend of modern and organic), Fisher says his wood-and-metal masterpiece fits in perfectly with the architecture of his Ellendale, Oregon neighborhood, which features more than 50 mid-century modern, post-and-beam homes. Price varies.

  cat pod bed  

Like peas in a pod

Hepper pod bed. Like a kid's fort, the Hepper bed provides your fur kids—cats and small dogs—with their own personal hideaway.  The circular structure is made of molded foam that's laminated on the both sides for durability. The pod has a removable top and comes with a raised platform that offers pets a view while keeping them off the warm or cold floor. A fleece-lined pad offers softness for sleeping and can be removed for washing. $99.

  three steel square bowls  

Square meal with appeal

Docapet bowls. Just because you serve kibble in your kitchen doesn't mean the space has to go to the dogs. These square-shaped bowls have a brushed stainless-steel stand and a finely textured acrylic top in black or white. Rubber non-stick bumpers keep the bowls from sliding around the floor. Each bowl: $86-$126, depending on size.


  melamin pet food bowls  

Chow down in style

Lucy bowls. Made of durable melamine, these fun dog dishes are sized for dogs big and small—5 cups or 2.5 cups. Each bowl has non-slip feet that keep the dish in place and are dishwasher safe. $13.99-17.99.

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