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Modern accessories to keep those furry and feathered sidekicks (and you!) happy

 bird house 


Roost for the birds

Roost birdhouse. Chances are slim that the birds in your backyard are reading Dwell magazine, but this cute roost lets them dwell well in a mini-modern home of their own. Roost is a perfect place for bringing up a family of cheepers, thanks to venting and draining that keeps birds cool and dry. It is also constructed to be predator-proof. The anodized colors—silver, red, blue, and green—do not chip. The birdhouse locks in place when hanging, but it does come apart in sections for annual cleaning. $57.

 cat on top of cube condo 

Condo for hip kitties

Climb cathouse. Mix and match these fun cubes to create the ultimate pad for your cat. Made of wood and cotton fabric that cats can dig their claws into, the modular cubes have perfectly placed holes for maximum climbing from top to bottom. Choose from two color palettes: warm, which includes black, white, orange, pink, and yellow cubes; or cool, which uses brown, white, green, blue, and beige-colored cubes. Bonus: they're nestable for easy storage. $199 for the set.

 cat in plastic bib 

Spare our feathered friends

CatBib. There's a 'killer' among us—a real cute one! The domestic cat is a natural hunter, catching millions of birds each year. If you want to be kind to your neighborhood's feathered friends, dress your cat in the CatBib. The brightly colored accessory interferes with the cat's ability to lash out and catch birds. Plus, since birds see in color, the bib acts as a visual warning to them. $

 two jed toys 

Fetch that thing

The Jed toy. Motivate and occupy your dog with this treat-dispensing toy by Otis and Claude. Made of durable, non-toxic, and high-performance rubber, the Jed is perfectly sized for hours of fetching. Great for aggressive chewers, the Jed lets you pack snacks inside the toy for the ultimate surprise. This one floats, so take it to dog beach and let your best friend splash in the surf. $9.99.

 floyd toy 


The Floyd toy. Buoyant materials make playing fetch with this toy fun at the pool. The soft nylon fabric comes in three bright patterns, and it's lightweight enough to make throwing a breeze. $8.95.

 dog with fabric collar 

Zing around the collar

Doggy stole. Why should people have all the fun? Keep your puppy warm and stylish with a soft and fuzzy stole. Just as people accessorize their outfits to change up their look, a stole from Stella & Stevie will dress up your favorite pooch. Features a knot button and Velcro closures. Toss it in the wash for quick cleaning. $27.

 bottle of chardonnay with dog on front 

Personalized cocktails

Real Dogs and Real Cats custom wine. Your pet's shenanigans might drive you to drink sometimes, but now you have good reason to. Real Dogs and Real Cats wine is produced in Santa Barbara County and made with natural and sustainable farming practices. Submit a photo of your pet to order a customized bottle of white or red (your pick). Two bottles for $24.97.

Photos: courtesy Jeff Sheldon and all product manufacturers

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