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'Art piece' with a colorful backstory—noted Neutra design makes splash on L.A. market
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Legendary photographer Julius Shulman was brought in to shoot the 'Plywood Demonstration House' in 1943. The above photo and the two below of the house are from his archive. All vintage photos: Julius Shulman (© J. Paul Getty Trust. Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles - 2004.R.10)

Doe's new Beloit listing was originally located on Wilshire Boulevard before being purchased in a lottery by Stella Cramer, reportedly the law partner of Entenza's father. Cramer hired architect Harwell Hamilton Harris to supervise moving and siting the home on its current, .56-acre lot. She and the second owner, architect Maynard Lyndon, each owned the home for seven years before it was purchased in 1950 by artist William Brice.

"His mother, Fanny Brice the actress, bought it for him," said the realtor, adding that it has remained in the family ever since, with the artist's son, John, now offering it for sale. In 1950, the artist hired Neutra to design a backyard studio where he worked.

Doe says that backyard is one of the property's strongest assets, remarking, "It has an amazing—especially for the westside—parklike feel to the grounds."

Although it is separated from the golf course by fencing, with the open fairways right next door, "You feel like you have much more than the [already] generous lot size."

Fridays on the Homefront

Doe said the house is basically unchanged since 1950, although John Brice did have it painted and the vintage dishwasher repaired in preparation to sell it.

"The son really wanted to get it into good move-in condition," said the realtor, who estimates that he has sold "maybe a dozen or so" homes designed by Neutra. He added of this one, "It's in pretty good shape now."

At nearly $5 million, the house may be available for a while. Doe hosted a preview of the house for realtors in late August and plans a web page for it, but said, "It probably will not have a public open house."

Based on recent sales of Neutra houses, he said, "It makes sense that this house should be priced accordingly."

Fridays on the Homefront

"It'll sell, it's just a matter of when," Doe said confidently, adding, "It's also an art piece—you know what I mean, a great piece of architecture...I'm happy to have it."

For more information about the Plywood Demonstration House at 427 Beloit Avenue, click here.