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Will the Bay Area ‘spring’ for home-to-work transportation on mid-century pogo sticks?
Fridays on the Homefront
Fridays on the Homefront

"When it comes to using the pogo sticks, we're not that delusional that we believe people will stop using cars, bicycles, and e-scooters to only jump their way to their destination," reasons Mikkelsen. "While we do see some millennials actually commuting with pogo sticks, the main usage is believed to be more like a fun leisure/fitness activity…"

Right now, it's a waiting game for the folks at Cangoroo, as they anticipate delivery of their sticks from the factory, expected by late July or early August. Then, they plan a soft launch in Malmö and Stockholm in September before coming to San Francisco and London.

"The initial cities are [those] where e-scooter companies have found success—big cities that tend to welcome inventions," said the CEO, who listed Paris, Copenhagen, Oslo, and Berlin as subsequent sites for the startup.

The company's website projects a user price of $1 to unlock each stick and then a per-minute charge estimated at 30 cents. Payments will be recorded through the Klarna application or a pre-paid Visa or Master Card account.

"We're also eager to find ways to enable users to take a stand by using the Cangoroos," predicts Mikkelsen. "For example, if present in Alabama, we'll let people 'jump for free abortion,' where all revenue goes to a charity working for the cause, or 'jumping for free love' during Pride [Week] in S.F."

Then, he said, given sufficient investment capital, a follow-up vehicle looms on the horizon for Cangoroo.

"For our second product, we're looking at an improved, human-powered kick bike with an impressive lifespan that will be suitable for last-mile transportation," said the optimistic executive. "We're also looking into skateboards but are not sure if it [will] make sense."

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