'Pure Tour' Coming May 6-7

'San Mateo Highlands Eichler Home Tour 2017' revving up for its 11-house showcase
Pure Tour
For this May's Eichler home tour in the San Mateo Highlands, "We're trying
to stay a little more true to the Eichler aesthetic," says tour team leader Jim Palmer, pictured here at home with his family. The tour is set for the May
6-7 weekend. Photo: Andria Lo
Pride and Joy Remodeling
Tour house #1 of 11: Palmer house at night. Photo: Margo Tomaszewska
Pride and Joy Remodeling
Pride and Joy Remodeling
Tour house #2 of 11: Junttila house kitchen and dining area. Photo: Margo Tomaszewska

Jim Palmer is a man on a mission. He called it a "secret mission," but since we're so keen on his neighborhood's popular 'San Mateo Highlands Eichler Home Tour,' this year set for the May 6-7 weekend, he just couldn't resist sharing the hush-hush with us.

"There's really kind of two purposes for this event," he confided, leaving out for a moment that it is also a fundraiser for the local Highlands Elementary School. "To promote an awareness of mid-century modern design and aesthetic, and to encourage other Eichler owners to stay true to that."

That's a laudable goal for Palmer and his tour committee, as they prepare to showcase 11 examples in all of "stay true" Eichler homes selected from the largest contiguous Eichler development anywhere.

Palmer is the 'Home Tour Team Lead' for the committee, which is made up of Highlands Elementary School parents and fellow Highlands neighbors. Tickets get tour-goers inside the 10 Eichler homes during two days, a printed tour guide, shuttle bus access, entrance to their 'Modern Marketplace' of gifts and accessories, and options for lunch and a VIP happy hour event at an 11th home. It is supported by numerous corporate and vendor sponsors, including the Eichler Network.

"We're going to very carefully curate the houses on the tour," Palmer pointed out. "We're trying to stay a little more pure…That was the feedback that we got after the last tour [in 2014]."

"In past years, we kind of focused on remodels, what people have done with their houses," he explained about the Highlands' three previous tours. This year, Palmer said, "We're trying to stay a little more true to the Eichler aesthetic."

"This round we also have some other very special things planned, and it looks like a few surprises are in store too, so stay tuned for details," he added of the weekend's still-unfolding itinerary.