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Protecting home and family with reinforcements and supplies to safely survive the 'big one' coming our way

Ready-To-Go Emergency Kits

Quake-Up Call
Comprehensive kit of prepackaged supplies from emergencykits.com

1. Custom creations
EmergencyKits.com can have their emergency preparedness experts build custom emergency kits to exact needs and specifications. Disaster kits, trauma kits for work, schools, first responders, or as shelter-in-place for 1-1000 persons. emergencykits.com

2. 'Honey Bucket' special
'Mayday Deluxe 4 Person Honey Bucket': four-person, 72-hour survival kit packed into a five-gallon 'honey bucket' that doubles as an emergency toilet. U.S. Coast Guard approved. Designed to last five years under any climate. Includes a Survive-a-Guide. $104.00 amazon.com

3. PrepareSurvive backpack
'PrepareSurvive Backpack for Disaster Preparedness': roomy, portable go-bag packed for emergency use. Includes long shelf-life food and water, leather gloves, mask, goggles, water purification tablets, bio-bag, and first-aid package. 25,000 already sold. $57.95. amazon.com

4. Ready America deluxe
Popular 'Ready America 70385 Deluxe Backpack' is a four-person survival kit designed as a grab-and-go basic survival kit. Includes 108 pieces, Red Cross-approved first-aid kit, and an emergency power station, four-function combination flashlight, radio, siren, cell phone charger. $133.69. amazon.com

5. Set for Seventy2 hours
The 'Seventy2 Survival System' is billed as a fully integrated 72-hour survival system with 35 high-functioning tools to buy time in any emergency situation. Highly praised for design, quality, and ease of use in survival situations. $349.99. unchartedsupplyco.com


First-Aid Kit Essentials

Quake-Up Call
PrepareSurvive Backpack

Pack first-aid kits separately so that you can grab your supplies on a moment's notice. With prescriptions and meds, be sure to monitor expiration dates so that you can keep your supplies up to date.

Ace bandages
Antibiotic ointment
Aspirin, non-aspirin
Bandage strips, rolled gauze
Bar soap
Packaged water
Cold packs (instant)
Cotton-tipped swabs
Cups (paper)
Diarrhea medicine
Emergency blanket
Eye drops
Face masks
First-aid manual
Hydrogen peroxide
Individual alcohol swabs
Allergy medications
Needle and thread
Plastic bags
Pocket knife
Prescription medications
Scissors, tweezers
Safety pins
Sanitary napkins
Splinting materials

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