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Home by Eichler architect in historic SoCal coop pushes the envelope with asking price
Fridays on the Homefront
Fridays on the Homefront
Fridays on the Homefront
Fridays on the Homefront

The realty team enlisted a group of specialists to prep the property for getting a higher per-foot sales price than surrounding homes. This included staging by Steve Melendrez, owner of the Living Room furnishing store in Highland Park, and 'landscape staging' by Pasquale Vaquette of Outside Landscape Design.

The property's page at deasy penner web site predictably spares little hyperbole, stating, "The architecture is elegant and sublime, with form following function: a low-slung roofline with tall, tongue-and-groove ceilings held aloft by exposed beams and slender posts, creating clerestory windows on two sides. Glass walls embrace the views, and the open plan flows freely through tall doors opened wide to patios and private gardens on all sides."

Unusually, the house has not been placed on the multiple listing service as the realtors commence "sending it through our architectural channels."

"We had 'em stacked up yesterday. It was fun," Baker said happily about 12 private showings of the property June 6, mostly to other realtors. "We got wonderful compliments on it."

The realtors said they may list the property on the MLS in July "if it's still around." Baker said he expects that any buyer will opt to apply for "huge tax savings" through registering the house for the Mills Act program.

As for that $2.77M ask, Linder said, "The feedback that we're getting is that we're priced right on."

"We're using sales of significant architecture in the area," he explained of the pricing. "That's what the market will bear, that's what A. Quincy Jones houses are selling for."

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