Real Cool, Ghoul!

Cast of zombies, witches & monsters with mid-century modern flair haunt the internet
Fridays on the Homefront
We've got some idea for you to celebrate Halloween in a modern yet nostalgic way this year. For starters, check out the numerous linked images of the MCM-styled home above—courtesy of blogger and 'social media influencer' Krys Melo. It's a colorful, interestingly furnished home with somewhat subtle Halloween décor additions for the season. Photos: Krys 'Melodrama' Melo
Fridays on the Homefront
Halloween pillow sham by Roostery.
Fridays on the Homefront
Pink flamingo to the bone.

It's mid-October, time to get cool and ghoulish for Halloween, the ultimate in tolerant holidays.

Want to be outrageously sexy for one night? No problem. Remember, it's just a costume—not you. Want to out-gross your friends? Again, all is forgiven. It's the season.

Or…just want an entertaining way to celebrate the design era that you admire so much in a home and its furnishings? Like the Grim Reaper, this macabre holiday accommodates all, thanks to the complex witch's brew that is the internet.

To help celebrate your All Hallow's Eve in a modern yet nostalgic way, we've scared up a few different cyber-haunts. Come along…and jump on our broomstick…

You might want to start with a glimpse of some glamor shots of a stylish MCM Halloween home, as provided by blogger and 'social media influencer' Krys Melo to the website. It's a colorful, interestingly furnished house with somewhat subtle décor additions for the season.

A few shots in the pictorial serve as a reminder of how wickedly fun themes—like monsters, bats, and spiders—can be in art, especially when compared to the benign Santa Claus and Easter Bunny. is a cyberspace monster's ball of classic, creepy images that make great wall art in October, or even all year round if you're into that kind of thing. The site also has plenty of mid-century costume designs.

More likely than not, Halloween décor will make a seasonal, cameo appearance in your modern home. With that in mind, another nice piece that you may or may not want to have out during the less sinister holidays are these great pillow shams by Roostery, decorated with vintage graphics of pumpkins, black cats, and witches' legs in striped tights.

Your lawn flamingos could definitely increase their own chance to be a social media influencer by undergoing a new style for the holiday. The worldwide 'spiderweb' offers several catches on that opportunity, including a skeletal flamingo with eerie glowing eyes, and of course the zombie version in which some undead lawn gnomes are feasting on the poor pink bird.

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