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Cast of zombies, witches & monsters with mid-century modern flair haunt the internet
Fridays on the Homefront
Trick-or-treat bowl brimming with mid-century candy.
Fridays on the Homefront
Cool MCM-styled Halloween party invitations.
Fridays on the Homefront
MCM-friendly Halloween party napkins.

As for candy—to some folks, the reason for the season—you may want your trick-or-treat bowls to likewise reflect your mid-century modern madness. has compiled a dandy list replete with Pez, Dum-dums, Pixie Stix, and numerous other 1950s-era treats, which you can then search for at other sites like and

If you find yourself becoming bewitched by MCM Halloween, you may just have to make the jump and throw a party to show off the cool seasonal-izing of your abode. In that case, even more decorations are called for and, of course, stylish MCM invitations. comes to the rescue again here, with much less gruesome images this time than those zombie gnomes.

As host and or hostess, your vintage costume helps set a fun tenor for your Halloween party, and has plenty for every decade you can ask for.

Whether your snack table features potions, poisons, or pumpkin petit fours, you don't want to pass up the possibility of having it snappily equipped. Start with creepy clown, witch, and gypsy centerpieces, and accent with spiffy napkins from Mod Lounge Paper Company.

And if your party is select enough that you are inspired to provide MCM gifts of the season to your guests, you could hardly do better at $11 each than a coffee mug with vintage art of two folding chairs in front of a classic Shasta Airflyte Trailer in a campground on Halloween, also courtesy of It's cool, colorful, and it holds coffee. What kind of a modernist monster could ask for anything more?