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Favor energy-efficient cool-roof systems, stylistic consistency and a quality installer
Reroofings Multiple Choices
Modified bitumen system: tough and versatile.
Reroofings Multiple Choices
Single-ply system: Duro-Last in the midst of installation.
Reroofings Multiple Choices
Polyurethane foam system: driving down energy bills.

"Modified bitumen is very tough and versatile, and it's lightweight and is easy to maintain," says bitumen installer Fred Worrell of Worrell Roofing in Palo Alto. "It's available with a built-in cool-roof coating, or the membrane can be coated to meet cool-roof standards." Having a 'cool roof' that reflects sufficient solar energy back into the atmosphere has become required in an increasing number of California communities per Title 24, including several cities with Eichlers.

"Anyone installing a low-slope roof benefits from installing a cool roof," says Trevor Leeds, president of Chandler's Roofing in San Pedro. "By installing a roofing material that reflects heat away from the home, you reduce your energy costs and your cooling costs, and that can add up."

The next widely used material to hit the modern home roofing market was single-ply, a factory-manufactured membrane sheet used by Chandler's and many other roofers. Duro-Last and Johns Manville are two popular manufacturers familiar to California's mid-century modern home audience.

"Single-ply roofing is a waterproof membrane that water can't get through," says Sonny Rossi of San Mateo-based Cal-Pac Roofing, who favors the Duro-Last brand of sheeting. Single-ply membranes are especially effective as roofing materials because of their proven ability to withstand the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Finally, the newest of the popular roofing materials for MCM homes is polyurethane foam, which is spray-applied to roofs. It's a substance originally used merely as insulation, which, when combined with an elastomeric coating, turned out to be a quite effective roofing option.

"Our Eichler and Streng people really like foam roofs," says Rick Abril, co-owner of Abril Roofing, based in Martinez. "You can put on all the insulation you want in a roof, and the elastomeric topcoat is a good waterproofer and reflects the sun."

Randy Feriante, owner of Dura-Foam Roofing and Solar Center in Menlo Park, says his customers usually see their energy bills drop about 30 percent after installing an insulating foam roof topped with elastomeric.

"This coating very effectively reflects the sun's energy from the roof surface," says Feriante. "White is the most common color, but other colors can be used when roof surfaces are more visible from the perspective of neighboring properties."


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