From Russia with Modernism: Theremin - Page 5

Born nearly a century ago, the enchanting theremin is still ahead of its time—struggling to be heard

lydia kavina album cover

2. Lydia Kavina: Original Works for Theremin (Mode); Concerto per Theremin: Live In Italy (Teleura)
This cousin of the theremin's inventor moves through an interesting selection of mostly 20th Century classical music, New Music, and popular songs. She's stronger on the dynamics of the instrument than on intonation. Find the live set at

pamela kurstin album cover

3. Pamelia Kurstin: Thinking Out Loud (Tzadik)
In applying the theremin to her own avant-garde creations, Kurstin reveals both the inherent acoustic potential of the instrument and how this can be enhanced through state-of-the-art electronic effects. Some fascinating soundscapes result, challenging the listener.

peter pringle album cover

4. Peter Pringle: A Theremin Jewel Box; Many Voices (self-produced)
These two CD's cover the broadest repertoire for the theremin, both historically and across classical and pop genres. Pringle may come closer to Rockmore's accuracy of pitch than any other performer, and his approach is always entertaining and often surprising. From