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Stories in new Winter CA-Modern spotlight the finest in MCM-style lamps and shades
Midcentury modern lampshade by Retromod Design
Lampshade design from Retromod Design. Photo: courtesy Retromod Design

“The shorter shades were relegated to the garage,” he says of a common practice. With the revived interest in MCM, he adds, “People finally pulled them out and said, ‘Wow, these things are great!’”

Other vendors featured in the sidebar range from the Herman Miller-produced model of George Nelson’s classic ‘Saucer Pendant Lamp’ to the ‘Midround Sputnik’ fixture from Practical Props, “a longtime supplier of prop rentals for movies and TV” now specializing in MCM lighting.

  Fridays on the Homefront
'Atomic Three-Tier Lampshade' from Meteor Lights. Photo: courtesy Meteor Lights

Some vendors favored by Biondo focus on meeting customer whims to provide attractive reproductions, like Fine and his myriad design options. “Today, vintage lamps are often sold without their original shades, leaving a critical part of the purchase to us [homeowners],” she warns, then supplies several stylishly shady solutions for the situation.

“We’ve had customers send us pictures of their grandparents’ lamp, and we’ve reproduced the lampshade for them,” says Lex Winger of Minnesota-based Modilumi, one of the three lampshade producers featured. “There’s a lot of sentiment with that, and it’s very rewarding.”

Even without a family connection, many customers are merely trying to achieve a personal vision of an MCM home in the 21st century. More all the time, in fact.

Fridays on the Homefront
'Midround Sputnik' fixture from Practical Props. Photo: courtesy Practical Props

“Fashions, they wax and wane,” Fine says blithely, adding with Don Draper-like confidence about modernism, “It’ll never wane again.” To see the light about how the proper lampshade and producer can illuminate your MCM vision, check out ‘Swayed by the Shade,’ a sneak preview of the Winter 2020 issue of CA-Modern.

For the ‘Let There Be Light…and Shade’ sidebar story on lamps and shades, click on this link for a PDF version of the mag layout.