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Eichler tract joins others around the U.S. sending positive vibes during the pandemic
Fridays on the Homefront
More from Balboa Highlands. Photo courtesy Jennifer Buck

Similarly virtuous messages were delivered via sidewalks in front of numerous homes in Balboa Highlands, as well as the Fairhaven tract in Orange and across the nation.

“I decided to find the positivity,” said Krystin Pearl of Virginia Beach, Virginia, to reporter Philip Townsend of the local Channel 13 news. “I went on Instagram and searched #positivecoronavirus. The biggest thing that came up was the ‘Chalk Your Walk.’”

“We drew a rainbow with some puffy clouds…and we had a verse that we thought hit home: ‘This too shall pass,’” said Pearl. “I think the message is clear that we are just looking for brighter days. People are really tuning into their surroundings, to their neighbors, and to their community.”

Back here in California, outside the headquarters of the Vacaville, California Police Department, some dispatchers chipped in with the message, ‘We are all in this together.’

  Fridays on the Homefront
Lovely chalk handiwork from Granada Hills’ Balboa Highlands. Photo courtesy Jennifer Buck

‘Love Makes Happiness,’ declared an entry on a sidewalk elsewhere in Vacaville, as captured by photographer Joel Rosenbaum in The Reporter newspaper.

“If you are 65+, leave us a note, and we can help shop etc.,” offered the sidewalk outside one home in Colorado, festooned with drawings of flowers and smiley faces.

“It’s inspiring to see neighbors helping to lift each other’s spirits like this, especially in a time of crisis,” said Balboa Highlands resident Adriene Biondo, largely responsible for the city designating the neighborhood as an Historic Preservation Overlay Zone. “I love our community. Every day I’m reminded that having an HPOZ means so much more than just preserving mid-century homes.”

In times like this, perhaps even sanity is preserved by the neighborhood.