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Saluting Thermador: As the oven-cooktop king turns 50, we return to the roots of Eichler home cooking

Parts, Transplants and a 'Boneyard' of Thermadors

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Thermador may think of itself as the Chevrolet of ovens, but a major difference between the auto manufacturer and the appliance giant is that one can actually find replacement parts for old Chevys. But unless you're lucky, you're going to have to look hard for replacement parts for those old Thermador appliances.

San Jose Eichler owner Joy Schiffner knows how difficult it can be to find those original parts. Before she came across an original double oven, a replacement for a noisy clock in her 1969 single-wall oven was going to cost $75 or more by way of Oklahoma (Stoveclock Repair: 918-791-9309).

For best results, peninsula Eichler realty specialist and Thermador fan Loni Nagwani recommends networking with other homeowners and realtors. Her own somewhat constant search for original Thermador parts, for herself and others, has gained her a reputation.

"I'll come home from work and there's a Thermador oven in front of my door," she said. Her San Jose Eichler's garage resembles a pull-a-part yard for vintage ovens (as well as other Eichler parts) that, she admits, wouldn't be as necessary if there was a reliable retail supply source. It's all about connections," she said. "The best thing to do is to put a post on the Eichler Network's Chatterbox Lounge and describe what you need." For as many spare stoves and ovens as she receives, Nagwani has a waiting list for parts people hope she will come across.

When the search for original body parts becomes too grueling or expensive, a few corners may be cut. The heating elements in most of the original models can be replaced with newer components. Target stores apparently carry burner covers at a fraction of the cost of those at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and they fit the old Thermadors much better.

One trick Schiffner picked up from a repairman fixes an ill-fitting oven door without any new parts at all. Problem: After 50 years of use, the metal around Schiffner's handle began to bend out a bit, breaking the seal at the top of the door. Joy's solution: Roll up a dish towel and place it between the door and oven cavity, just below the handle. Push the handle back into place, using the towel as a fulcrum, and you may not need to go searching for that replacement door after all.

Who Repairs Thermadors?

Thermador has a network of authorized repair centers around the Bay Area that specializes in repairing their appliances:

• Otto's (Millbrae):
• Cannon (Redwood City):
• Built-In (Sunnyvale):
• Meyer (Mt. View):
• Appliance Experts (S. Jose):

• National (San Rafael):

• Accurate (Concord):
• SKS (Alameda):

For those looking to upgrade to new Thermador appliances,
call Atherton Design Studio (Redwood City): 650-369-1794

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