Those Dirty, Rotten Beams!

CA-Modern report underscores the cure to avoid getting eaten out of house and home
rotten beams
(photo: courtesy Mason Klinck and Emily Randall)

Exposed beams give modern homes so much of their character and charm—but they also provide some of their toughest problems because of the beams’ exposure to the elements.

At one time or another, all mid-century modern homeowners get surprised by hidden dry rot bringing on a sorry case of dirty, rotten beams.

Dry rot can literally eat away a wood beam, reducing its strength and integrity and threatening the structure of your home.

A beam’s vulnerability depends on orientation to the sun, its exposure to rough weather, and how well it’s been maintained. Eichler homes are affected mostly in outside atriums and carports, Strengs at their overhangs.

But what are dry rot’s telltale signs—and what’s the cure?

The answers to those questions are at the heart of our latest home-improvement story, a sneak preview of the new winter ’13 issue of CA-Modern. To sidestep being eaten out of house and home, learn more about beam decay and prevention by reading ‘Those Dirty, Rotten Beams.’