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How vintage and contemporary modern furnishings come together for an inspirational mix of warmth and style
Timeless Blend
The Lacey-Ronneback living and dining areas blend vintage and new. Here, a contemporary sofa, from Design Within Reach's Bantam collection, is paired with a vintage Lane surfboard coffee table.
Timeless Blend
Former Sacramento Eichler owners Andy Lacey and Karen Ronneback.
Timeless Blend
Lacey's Dixie night stand with a contemporary modern bed.

Lacey says guests to their home often remarked about their leather Forum sofa, along with a pair of 675 series chairs, which resided at the ends of the dining table. "These were designed by Robin Day, regarded as the British equivalent to Charles Eames," Lacey explains. "You don't see many of his pieces here. We brought these all the way from England, when we relocated to the United States."

So how does a homeowner know when the furniture mix is right? It all depends on the house, the homeowner, and the look you are after.

"It depends if you are starting from scratch when furnishing your home," Glessner says. "Some people are MCM collectors and might have all the vintage pieces they need for a house, but that is rare. Most people already have some furniture, and will be using it and adding other pieces ​over time."

Finding the right mix depends on a balance between ​functionality and style​. Most people care about the comfort of a sofa or a chair; for instance, a vintage sofa might not be comfortable enough for a family to use for watching television or for entertaining. Also, ​since a MCM dining table might not be large enough by today's standards, one might turn to a larger reproduction or a contemporary option.

These days contemporary style needn't be a dramatic departure from vintage mid-century modern. In fact, says Claudia Desbiens of Modern Mecca, a Los Angeles home staging studio, "many elements of mid-century modern design are very popular right now and are being incorporated into contemporary designs."

Style is very personal, but many people are educating themselves on options online via Houzz and Pinterest​, and by shopping on Etsy and other online websites​.

Soliciting help from an interior designer can help to incorporate contemporary and vintage pieces for a finished look. They evaluate the space and use space-planning tools to furnish it according to their clients' desires and budget.​ Consideration is given to personal style, color preferences, and ​what furnishings a homeowner already has in their collection.

Proposing vintage and contemporary furniture and accessories will stem from there. "An interior designer will help you think of every aspect of your space and home in a holistic and sustainable ​way," Glessner says.

Where to start? There are a few avenues you can take when you're embarking on the search for vintage pieces to incorporate into your collection. "However, I would not suggest going out on the hunt for something vintage just because you want something vintage," says Vince Bravo, a Bay Area dealer of furnishings from the mid-century.

Then when is an ideal time to introduce vintage?

"Most people can identify an item or two in their home that they know is stylistically off-putting," Bravo added. For example, if you're always thinking that you never liked a certain clock or a chair that you purchased from a box store, Bravo recommends upgrading those pieces to something vintage. This way you're still fulfilling a need you have in your home but upgrading the level of style.

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