Ultimate MCM Xmas Tree!

One family’s holiday design comes alive—tree of wonder with shimmering rings
Modern Christmas Trees

Christmas Eve at Bud and Lollie Stoecker’s was as traditional as it gets—five children and many grandchildren gathering ‘round the tree.

The tree itself, though—that was something else. It was all concentric rings and ornaments—a tree without a tree. The family loved it, and today so can you.

Matt Bliss, one of the grandchildren, has been selling acrylic Modern Christmas Trees based on Bud’s mid-1960s design since 2011, aiming at folks who live in modern homes or high-rise condos, or who “want something a little bit different in style and design.” Trees come with lights and mirrored disco balls.

Lawrence ‘Bud’ Stoecker, who died earlier this year, built more than 500 A-frame homes throughout the Rocky Mountains and lived in a modern house in Boulder. He never intended the tree to be anything other than a family favorite.

Bliss says he started Modern Christmas Trees as a part-time gig to honor his grandfather’s memory and “as an excuse to be creative.” He’s sold more than 100 and had inquiries from Chile and Beirut.

“It’s great that this tree that was so important to our family is being enjoyed by people all across the world,” he says.

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