Wall Art: The House Awakens - Page 4

Taking on the challenge of dressing your modern home with 'Eichleresque' art

Online sources such as art-prints-poster-books.com and art.com provide budget-sensitive sources for simple prints that can be purchased for less than $100, not including the frame. Or, as Stratton observed first hand, you can successfully make your own art. "One of my Eichler neighbors got a big square canvas and painted it blue. A pretty cornflower blue," she says. "And that was his art. I swear, I walked into the room and my jaw dropped. It really worked."

At the end of the day, the art that truly works best in your Eichler is something that you like, something that makes you feel good, something that harmonizes with the house.

But artist Kahn also cautions that one should be careful not to trivialize it. "Art is older than farming," he says. "It has been around for such a long time that one does not simply develop sophistication in it through a magazine article. If you're interested, you look at things. You visit galleries and museums. You read a little. You develop a kind of personal taste that's related to larger cultural achievements that you learn from and want to relate to."

"I worry about a formula or a recipe being used for art," Kahn said in a concerned tone. "It's fine if it makes people think. But it is not fine if it becomes a straight jacket."

industrial art example

transparent pixel


a kandinsky

'Study for a Panel' by Wassily Kandinsky. Many of Kandinsky's works are available as art prints and available from


Here's one of Piet Mondrian's 'Transatlantic Paintings.' Oil on canvas. For many examples, see www.artmuseums. harvard.edu/mondrian


'Eye on the Dawn' by Lynne Taetzsch. Acrylic painting on canvas. Her work available from www.artbylt.com

ty best

'Untitled #6' by Ty Best. Acrylic on linen. His work available from
www.velocity artanddesign.com

thermal print

'Union Square.' As digital thermal prints from m-dc gallery. Available from www.md-canvas.com

vessel pottery

Vessel USA architectural pottery. These and other choice examples available from

sunburst clock

George Nelson's 'Sunburst' clock. Available from Design Within Reach at www.dwr.com

sassy girl

'Sassy Girl in the City' by Sonya Paz. Acrylic painting on paper.
Her work available from

cambell laird

'Modu Series No. 15' by Campbell Laird Studio. Prints on canvas or watercolor paper. Many works available from

judy gittlesohn

Commissioned painting by Palo Alto Eichler owner Judy Gittelsohn. For many examples, visit