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Shelton’s 75-year tradition puts Eichlers at its roofing core since the day they were built
Fridays on the Homefront
The Eichler Network welcomes Shelton Roofing Co., Inc. and its company president, Paul Lawson (pictured above), a new addition to our roster of preferred service companies. Shelton Roofing specializes in built-up roofing (tar & gravel, modified bitumen,
and cap sheet systems), serving the Eichlers of the entire
Peninsula and South Bay. Photo: Jonathan Braun
Fridays on the Homefront
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It's been years since there was a Shelton at Shelton Roofing, which is named for its early 1940s founder. All the same, consistency is the hallmark of this Mountain View-based operation.

"The most important thing when dealing with the public is communication," says Shelton president Paul Lawson, who joined the company decades ago, as did much of his staff. To accomplish that communication, he adds, "We do it a little different than most companies."

"Most companies, when you have a salesperson, that's all they are," he explained of Shelton's client-relations methodology. "We like to follow homeowners the whole job with the same person."

In addition to being both a sales rep and estimator for the job, Lawson says, at Shelton "they're also kind of a project manager as it goes through the process."

After 75-plus years in business on the Peninsula, Shelton not only has a fleet of 30 service vehicles staffed with roofers, but also a crew of four estimator/managers, including Lawson himself.

"Customers like that because then they have continuity with who they're talking to," the president said of the company's single-contact style of project management. Just as that style of personal service is based on decades of tradition, so too is the company's allegiance to time-trusted materials.

"A lot of people moved away from tar and gravel—we're one of the ones that stuck with it," Lawson said of the materials that comprised Joe Eichler's original choice for a roofing system. The company also does modified bitumen and single-ply sheet roofing systems, but Lawson says many of the sales and distribution professionals he deals with think the superior product is, what he calls, good old "T&G."

"Our little niche with Eichlers is tar and gravel," said Lawson, whose brother-in-law's father purchased the business in 1942. Lawson was hired in 1973 and notes, "We've been doing Eichlers ever since they were built, and we're still doing them regularly today."

Shelton's chosen material suppliers are Malarkey, Certainteed, and GAF, Lawson said, adding, "We'll do other things if people want, but those are our main ‘go-to' materials."

Lawson said about 70 percent of Shelton's roofing projects are residential, and he seems content assessing the family business accordingly: "We're not as big as some, but we're pretty big as far as residential roofers go."

And they've been there for South Bay and Peninsula homeowners, consistently—for three-quarters of a century.

Shelton Roofing Co., Inc.
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