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Stacy Clark Group—'dynamic duo' backed with truth, justice, and a fruitful transaction
  Fridays on the Homefront
The Eichler Network welcomes four recent additions to our roster of preferred service companies: Elizabeth Mitev (realtor), the Kleid Design Group (custom cabinetry), Earthwise Energy (solar energy systems), and the Stacy Clark Group (realtors). The Stacy Clark Group (Stacy Clark (right) and Etienne Vick pictured above) gets the spotlight below for this round of introductions, carrying on its 30 years of real estate experience as a 'superhero' team with synergy.

Sometimes the real estate market can be so complex and frustrating that you wish you could pre-order the kind of realtor you need—a made-to-order superhero of the field. Heck, maybe even a team of superheroes.

Meet real estate's ‘Justice League of the West Bay,' the Stacy Clark Group, with Eichler owners Stacy Clark and Etienne Vick leading the team toward truth, justice, and a fruitful transaction.

"It's kind of a dynamic duo," says Clark, invoking comic book lingo to describe the advantage she brings to a client in tangent with office partner Vick. Together they have nearly 30 years' experience in the local market for people looking to buy or sell a home near their Peninsula offices with Compass Real Estate. The duo also works out of the San Francisco Compass office near Fort Mason.

"We have an amazing concierge service," Clark says, describing the professional assets she gained moving to the Compass brokerage four years ago, including staging and marketing services. For clients, she says, "It basically allows them to sell their home for the most money possible."

When clients are looking to buy, the two women naturally share any appreciation by homebuyers for modern design, being neighbors in the San Mateo Highlands tract of Eichlers. "I like the simplicity of the modern," Clark confesses. "Your personality speaks for itself in a simple home."

"It's dramatic, but I like the simple lines," she adds of mid-century modern homes. "They're kind of unassuming, that's something I like best about them."

  Fridays on the Homefront
Eichler Network's 'Home Maintenance Directory 2021'—where you'll meet more companies you can trust with your next home improvement project. For the 2021 edition, click here. Photo: Sabrina Huang

Although Clark has received numerous distinctions as a top seller throughout her career, after helping clients buy and sell so many houses, Clark says, "I really like the art of the deal. I analyze a lot what the market looks like. I definitely like to strategize."

Clark says most clients contact her initially and end up working with both partners. Consequently, Clark admits much of what she and Etienne have to offer is, like the aesthetic of modern architecture, a synergy.

"Both of us are very relationship oriented," says Clark, conceding that they have different strengths. Combining the two realtors' efforts "allows us to focus on what we're good at."

Ultimately, though, the Tennessee-born mother of four says, "I really focus on what my clients' needs are and what their goals are. The greatest rewards for me come with my clients' success stories."

Spoken like a true superhero of the real estate profession. Without the costume, of course.

Stacy Clark & Etienne Vick
Stacy Clark Group
Real Estate Marketing
Serving Palo Alto & San Francisco
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