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CA-Modern story offers sleek designs to inspire and complete living room décor
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Fridays on the Homefront
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All 12 of the tables recommended in the story share a sleek, minimalist aesthetic that fits perfectly in an Eichler or similarly styled home. They range in price from $299 to $2,600 and more, including new designs and nostalgic ones. Several feature walnut and some brass or steel. Any of them would be a significant upgrade for many homeowners, some of whom take evasive action rather than shop for a new table.

"When you have an ugly coffee table, people will put a large vase on it to hide it," Renault observed ruefully. "If you have a nice coffee table, you don't have to hide it."

Furthermore, the table itself might even be hiding an asset of your living room, such as a solid wood tabletop covering up part of an attractive floor rug.

"In that case, you should be able to see the rug," said Renault, recommending a glass-topped table for such rooms.

In fact, the color and design of a living room rug or carpet should be one of the major factors in choosing a coffee table, Renault said, along with that of the chairs, couch, or sofa.

Tanja provides good shopping advice in her story too, noting, "To select the perfect piece that is handsome as it is useful, measure the height of your sofa and chairs to determine the proper height. The table should be no lower than one to two inches from the seat of your couch or chair…A higher sofa requires a taller table."

"For the customer, it's always a big deal to find a coffee table," Renault commented. "The coffee table may be the most difficult [piece] to find."

"It should be a whole set," Renault said of the ideal living room ensemble, even if it forms gradually. "The coffee table, when you can, should be the master piece."

For more good advice about shopping for and choosing your own masterpiece, consult Tanja Kern's story in the Summer 2017 CA-Modern magazine. Click here to read a PDF version of 'Coffee or Cocktails?'