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Streng life, wildlife, and easy living flow in harmony with the nearby American River

Jerry Jones, an original owner of an atrium home, was amazed to see how quickly his Chinese pistache tree matured. He attributes its rapid growth to the rich alluvial soil. Jones loves the neighborhood's canopy of trees and the wildlife that pass through—finches, doves, quail, magpies, and an occasional wild turkey.

Professors weren't the only original buyers. There were other professionals, landscape designers and architects, and "many psychiatrists," Adele Kruger says. The neighborhood also attracts newcomers who are remarkably like its original settlers—Sac State professors, fans of modern architecture, young families who like the schools and the easy commutes.

Kyle Brandt, a recent arrival, was attracted to the neighborhood because it is attractive and safe. "I didn't buy the house," he says. "I bought the area." As soon as the Brandts moved in, neighbors stopped by to say hello. "The neighbors are awesome," he says. "They're retired and they're neighborhood watch."

"These younger families, we just like every one of them," Shirley Rombold says. "They are delightful people. They're like the young people who originally bought here."


Photos: David Toerge

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