Announcing: The 2013 Kitchen Remodel Contest Winners

The Cissons in their new kitchen.

A big congratulations goes out to Anne and Mike Cisson of Walnut Creek who won this year's kitchen remodel contest by popular vote from our readers. They'll be getting $500 and, presumably, a whole lot of envy from their neighbors. You'll get to meet them in more depth, and see their kitchen in greater detail, in the fall '13 issue of CA-Modern magazine.

Moreover, we'd like to thank each and every one of our readers who participated in this year's contest. It was a great success, and we were thrilled to get a glimpse into so many beautifully renovated kitchens on such an impressive range of budgets. Never let it be said that Eichler owners, and especially Eichler Network readers, are not the most creative, dedicated, and enthusiastic fans of architecture and home design. We look forward to many more chances to engage those laudable qualities.

Cisson Kitchen
The Cissons' new kitchen.

In the meantime, refer back to our main article on the contest, which gives a rundown on the Cisson's remodel, designed by architect Lourdes Garcia and executed by Stephen Steele of S&Z Construction. The new, open design in the Cissons' 1969 Eichler features an L-shaped island with sink, sliding doors that meet on one corner to provide a 90-degree opening, and a separate scullery.

The Cissons worked on a budget of $150,000, the highest of the finalists, and they've used it well. For a couple who loves cooking and entertaining, they've created the ideal space that feels equally up to hosting a quiet breakfast for two or an engagement party for 40-plus guests. Congratulations, Anne and Mike Cisson! You earned it.

Photographs by David Toerge.