Carter Sparks' Dilapidated Fava House Is For Sale

Black Eye
Image courtesy of Justin Wood /

This week will be a big one for that enchanting but crumbling Carter Sparks gem we looked at earlier in the Sacramento suburb of Fair Oaks. The house and lot listed for sale on Friday, with an asking price of $279,900.

Listing agent Amber Coppedge told me they’d had seven offers already, though she didn’t specify whether those were above or below asking. She said the prospective buyers included a mix of people interested in restoring the place and those wanting to raze it.

Interestingly, the listing itself advances both options, describing the property as a “complete tare down [sic]” but also noting that the home is historical. It uses some of the language from Justin Wood’s site: “One of Sparks' earliest known works, it shows a sometimes reckless creative ambition that many of his later works do not.” Coppedge said the seller would ideally like to see the place preserved. But at least one of the prospective buyers has expressed an intent to tear it down.

Coppedge said she expected to sell the house this week, but no deal has gone through yet. Hopefully they decide on one that will preserve it.