Moon Hoon Goes for Loony Yet Livable

Rock It Suda serves vacationers in the snow country. All images courtesy of Moon Hoon

Some of the flashiest, wildest designs today are coming from an architect who calls himself Moon Hoon and many are being built – and seem to work.

“i am an architect...and doodler...,” Moon Hoon wrote in a recent e-mail to Eichler Network. He also heads up a South Korean firm that includes such talented people as Kim Sookhee, Jang Dukhyun, Kim Taehyeong, Lee Byungyeup and Song Juneui, and has turned out such structures as the private ‘Sangsang Museum.’ It’s a “modern castle’ for a photographer in Seoul, artfully inserted into a crowded streetscape.

Another structure by Moon Hoon is the K Pop Curve, a curved commercial building with a rooftop terrace. The Panorama House is a charmer, with its jagged outline and indoor slide for the young folks of the house. Rock It Suda, a cartoon-like creation, is a vacation home.

The Panorama House is jaunty on the exterior, warm and woody inside -- but with a built in slide for children to enjoy

Some of Moon Hoon’s more astonishing creations have yet to be built, and some are ideas only. A firm to watch!

Moon Hoon's 'Louis Vuitton Church' is unbuilt.
One of Moon Hoon's more imaginative creations is this flying structure that seems to be up to no good.

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