The upcoming Mid-Century Modern Homes Tour is just one of several design-oriented bike rides coming up this summer from Sacramento's Design Rides.

Plans for original Neutras, Eichlers, and other mid-century modern homes are increasingly available for sale. But how much you'll pay and where you can get them depends on what you want to do with them. And the rates vary widely.

It's t-shirt weather, so why not sport an Eichler? A reader shares some Highlands shirts he's printed, and we've got a few more favorites to share.

City council votes to approve the theater's destruction, dealing a blow to preservationists who say their only recourse is an expensive lawsuit.

A party in the presidio to celebrate the Enchanted Tiki Room's 50th anniversary will be a Hawaiiana bash with grown-up tropical drinks. But you can also make the Enchanted Tiki Room's signature dessert at home.

The Charles Schulz Museum's Mid-Century Modern exhibition, which starts May 4, features real-life vignettes of mid-century modern scenes from Peanuts, as well as a collection of art objects and Schulz family ephemera. The cartoonist and his wife were among the "young moderns" who helped popularize mid-century modern style.

The CineArts dome in Pleasant Hill gets a reprieve, however brief, after the city halted demolition. And a unique glass-fronted building in San Jose will regain its original role as a vehicle dealership after decades as Babyland.

The CineArts movie theater dome is set to be razed, but preservationists argue the unique structure has historic value for the mid-century bedroom community.

Joseph Eichler built his last home some 40 years ago, and we haven’t stopped thinking about them. While we’ll never see a new original Eichler, that hasn’t prevented people from imagining what the homes might look like if they were built today, or even in the future.

In our bi-weekly visit with the quintessential Eichler cartoonist, Brian Narelle comments on the scarcity of Eichlers. It's especially germane today, given the current Eichler shortage in the Bay Area market.